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32x32cm | DRIP Serie .A WineRed

32x32cm | DRIP Serie .A WineRed

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This artwork utilizes the form of the "Pink and Green DRIP," originally created for Daan Alferink. The composition of this form exudes a sense of balance. Therefore, before sending the DRIP to Daan, Menno Johannes decided to create a mold of this artwork, allowing the same shape to be used for producing new DRIPS. This series is known as ".A.," which refers to both the original and the first piece to be released in this series.

The 3D textured canvas of a dripping form explores the unpredictable and dynamic of the dripping form, using a high gloss finish to create a reflective surface that draws the eye in. The 3D texture of the dripping form adds a tactile dimension that engages the senses and gives the artwork a tangible presence. And let's not forget that striking wet look – it emphasizes the fluidity and energy of the piece, creating an eye-catching effect.

This art is original and handmade.

Technique: Mixed materials
Size: 32cm x 32cm x 4cm

Art Includes certificate that proves authenticity. As a buyer, you are the sole owner of this unique Artwork.

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